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The Mud day Challenge in France HD Photos

The Mud Day is an extreme event, unusual, that test your physical and mental abilities. The Mud Day is a challenge of about 13 km with over 20 obstacles inspired obstacle course. Menu, water, electricity, ice but mostly mud and glory. 

The Course: The course The Mud Day is 22 obstacles spread over 13 km, varied efforts and new sensations. The course is designed to test all the capabilities of Mud Guys. In addition to your endurance, obstacles are designed to test: Force, Mental, Teamwork, Spirit fun (because it is not that gross).

In each edition, you will recover the symbolic barriers The Mud Day: So get ready to face "Crawling Time", "Got Biceps? "Or" Ice Crime ". But each time, The Mud Day will also prepare some surprises and unique obstacles.

Participants compete in the "The Mud day challenge", a 13-kilometer obstacles course, on September 21, 2013  in Beynes near Paris, France.
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